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The truth behind Stockpair

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option |

Binary options industry has seen a massive growth in the recent past thanks to the people who have realized this new way of making an extra coin. Trading binary options had been a thing for select few, those who had the knowledge of financial market, but has now evolved into a simple and step by step process that doesn’t require any experience. Moreover, the entry of many brokers into the industry simplified the operations further as these companies have redefined this industry.

Stock pair is a binary options trading company that has taken this industry by storm. This firm has made trading binary options easier for both the beginners as well as the sophisticated binary options traders. This stock pair review gives an insight of what awaits you at stockpair.stockpair-new-binary-options-type-kiko

In this Stockpair review you’ll see that StockPair involves trading a pair of options in form of stocks. You are supposed to determine the outcome of the stock for you to either win the trade or lose nothing. Trading involves in-the-money settlement or out-of-the-money settlement. When your prediction ends up to the positive, you are rewarded with a predetermined amount of money. This is known as in-the-money settlement. However, in case your prediction ends up in out-of-the-money settlement, you get nothing from it. However, this trading platform gives you a chance to escape the out-of-the-money settlement by offering you the SELL EARLY trading tool that allows you to sell your option before the expiry time of the contract.

binary-options-trend-tradingIn case you think a stock will increase in price at the end of the specified time, you buy the CALL option. However, if you are for the stock decreasing in price, you buy the PUT option. SELL EARLY comes in when either your CALL or PUT option is likely to end up the other way. You get a chance to sell it before expiry, say a $100 CALL contract; you can sell it for $60 before expiry time so as to avoid losing the whole amount.

StockPair Trading Accounts

As deals with many traders who are specialists in different sectors of the economy, there is the need to avail more trading accounts so that one can choose what is familiar with. These trading accounts include:

  • Silver account
  • Platinum account
  • Gold account
  • VIP account

Each of these accounts has different minimum deposit requirements as well as the different benefits.

Stockpair Payout

Payout is not equal in all options. It depends on the options that one chooses to trade on. For instance, the fixed pair options, the payout is high at 89%, but even higher in floating pair options at 350%.

Strengths of StockPair

Stock pair has got several strengths such as:

  • High returns
  • A wide asset coverage
  • A variety of trading accounts
  • User friendly platform with navigation
  • Reviewing the market
  • Training offered to beginners

Dooms of StockPair

  • You are required to have a USD or GBP or EUR balance of 200 for eligibility.
  • Out-of-the-money settlements are not refundable
  • You cannot trade when markets get closed.
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Few strategies for Binary Option Trading

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option |

When it comes to investing, binary options are an excellent means. Many people are willing to jump into this kind of trading, but don’t know how to get started. It pays to make the most out of it by doing all that is necessary to learn the best tips and strategies. There are some key tips that will allow prospective investors to get in, by doing all that it takes to maximize money. People that are looking to make the most of their investments should be sure that they learn some of the strategies that even beginners can try, in order to learn the ropes. For more info on the strategies, see here and learn more.

Conservative and Long Term

istock_000050702174_double-copy_resizecrop_693_392This particular strategy gives people what they need to dip their toes into the water, in order to learn the ropes. This is a method that allows investors to build their money slowly and steadily, as opposed to taking huge risks and hoping for quick rewards. This is perfect for the beginning investor, since the risk is lower, and they are making less decisions over time. In terms of binary options trading strategies, this is the best for someone that is unsure about what they are doing at first, but what to plan for the long haul.

A Semi Conservative Approach

When using this strategy, people are still a bit conservative, but they are a bit more aggressive. This means that investors will conduct approximately 4 to 6 options trades in a single day. This strategy mirrors the conservative approach, but uses a 127 project level, and also adds a bit of a bigger risk.

Taking an Aggressive Approach

jsf2Rather than going in slow and steady, this strategy takes a very aggressive approach. This means that people are taking a number of trades every single day, sometimes even within 10 seconds of proximity of one another. By doing this, investors will be able to do all that they can in order to make the most out of their investment, and they’ll be able to handle any kind of trade necessary. In terms of binary options trading strategies, this will allow people to get all that they can out of their investment, but it also involves the biggest level for risk. By taking on this strategy, people will be able to receive larger amounts of money, while also following quick trends, in order to develop and hone strategies.

Anybody that is uncomfortable with these trading strategies should make sure that they take advantage of some mock scenarios, in order to learn the ropes without taking the risk of using actual money. These trading options mirror real life scenarios, and will give people all that they need in order to develop their portfolio and make sure that they’re able to make the most of it. This will help people get the circumstances that they want, while perfecting their craft, and giving themselves the opportunity to develop skills that will pay huge dividends over time.

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Binary Option Trading – All you need to know

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option |

Binary option trading is actually the technique of the future to make a large amount of every trade and market. It is an excellent way to enhance your earnings. Being simple it is easy to learn and once the new traders get accustomed to picking up stocks, expiration times and the movement of the market, they have fun trading a number of commodities, stocks and currencies from all around the world.

binary-options-strategy-that-worksBinary option trading is a kind of online finance trading for the traders to start earning cash or make high return with a short term investment. People looking for online trading begin with binary option as it is effortless and provides some of the premier returns in the market within a very short span of time. Moreover, it is quite easy to get started making easy money online in a substance of minutes – especially if you use one of the top binary robots .

Surfing the net one may come across several programs attracting to make extra cash. But none of these methods can be considered genuine as one deserves a much better method to earn extra cash, a monthly salary and still more in just no time and with a short-term investment. This new technique of trading of earning extra cash is called binary option trading. 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaYAAAAJDAxN2I4NGY4LWYwM2MtNDAzYS04MjdmLWNjM2NlOWUyOTQ1MwBinary option trading is a brilliant approach to augment your earnings. Also known as digital options, binary options often yield a fixed rate of return. With exceptionally low risk, a trader can earn a fairly good return in a short span of time. Moreover, the trader is aware of his potential gain or loss. The fact the trader is well informed about the maximum level of risk and the potential profit outcome involved in it, makes it distinct from the traditional methods of trading.

Unlike other sophisticated trading schemes, binary option trading involves speculating on the price movement of the selected securities like stocks, forex, commodities and indicies. The trader simply has to take the correct decision concerning the movement of the asset. If the contract ends in favor of the trader, it is measured as “In the money” and if the conjecture is wrong, the contract ends “out of the money”.

For example, the trader just has to determine on the price of the oil stock which he has bought before the expiry that whether the price of the oil stock will boost or reduce. In addition to this, it provides a feeling of winning to the trader. Being aware about his potential loss or gain, a trader predicts on the movement of the asset, thus minimizing the risk involved in the trading of the asset. With this new opportunity, the trader enjoys absolute tranquility of mind. This enables him to reduce his losses and enhance his profits. An investor can earn great rewards on binary options with the use of appropriate and winning strategies.

The commission rates being almost negligible in this trading, one can begin trading with a minimum amount of $100. Thus binary options are one of the simplest and easiest ways to reap great earnings

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Binary Option Robots – The real facts

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option |

Nowadays, binary betting has become a very popular tool of trading among the traders throughout the world. Most of the traders these days prefer to trade with binary betting since it gives them more opportunities to earn in a single day. If you see at binary betting, you will find that it is a very simple way of trading. It is a type of contract where the profit is listed after meeting certain conditions at the time of expiry and a trader wins or loses a predetermined fixed amount.

The trader is likely to be paid according to his estimation whether the contracts expires with “in the money” or expires “out of money”. If the contracts ends with “in the money” of the binary betting, the trader gets 85% more money of the amount he has invested and if it ends with ‘out of money”, the trader does not get anything.

Earning free money with binary betting is very easy but like other trading methods, high risk is also involved in it. It is that type of trading where you can earn double the money you have put at stake without investing more. It offers you to list maximum profits with little investment. If you can predict the direction of the price movement of the market for a certain time period, then it is for sure that binary betting is field where you can have huge success. 

There is high risk involved with binary betting but then no trading instrument is free from risk. If you can bear the risk that is involved with binary betting, you will earn much more than any other trading instrument can offer you.

Using Binary Betting as a Minting Machine:

You must choose those companies for trading that do bulk business (larger volume) and are considered the most active companies in the market. The capital growth of these companies is very high so their prices are always expected to go upwards.

If the prices of these companies are already high when the day starts, there is no need to disappoint. You can always trade in the opposite direction since in most cases prices do settle at the end of trading time. Unlike other trading methods, in binary betting quantity is always preferred over quality. This way you can earn higher profits. So it is advisable to buy in bulk then going for the quality. You need not to worry the size because the direction of the market is what all matters in binary betting.


There is another method that can offer you high returns in binary betting and that is hedging. It is a simple way of making money with binary betting. It means that if you find the movement of the market is in your favor before the expiry time of your contract, you can sell your stock and lock the profit before time. So, one can say that binary betting is a very powerful tool to make free money. It can help the trader to maximize their money with minimum of investment. Visit to see the which one is the most powerful tool.

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Binary Option Robot: Few useful tips – true advice

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option |

Though, binary option trading is one of the simplest forms of trading system but it does involve some amount of risk to produce huge returns – but with the help of top binary robots, that risk could be reduced. However by using a disciplined binary trading system, a trader can sway the odds of profitability in his favor. For those who are serious about winning the binary option must follow the below given steps:

Trade-Index-Options-2Pay attention on a limited set of assets: Instead of concentrating on a wide range of assets like from stocks to indices to currencies and then back again, a trader must focus more on a limited set of assets. If a trader selects a few assets to trade, he is more likely to gain a better grip on the movement of the assets on a day to day basis. This can be particularly helpful while trading binary options. Luckily in the market today, the binary options brokers offer a limited range of assets to trade, hence it could be easy for the trader to pick a few of them and concentrate their trading efforts.

Choose a suitable binary option broker: Though there are quite a number of binary option broker platforms available now, a trader must select the most apt platform for himself. It is important to consider the assets which binary option brokers are offering to trade. Ensure that the broker supports the major assets like commodity options, index options, stocks options and Forex options. Also make sure to check the expiry times offered by each broker. While not all but some binary option brokers offer special bonuses and promotions.

header_binary_option_addonTo take benefit of these deals, a trader must take a look at what’s being offered. The payout offered by the brokers is the most important aspect to be considered while making a choice. Different binary options broker platforms offer different rates of return. Some might offer payouts between 50-81% while some offer 65-71%. However there are few brokers that pay back 15% in case the trade expires out of money. Thus in order to reap best possible results, it is essential to select the most suitable binary option broker. A good binary option broker opens the way to the path of success.

Risk management: Obviously, binary option trading is quite risky as it pays an average return of 70% if the option expires in the money or nothing if it expires out of money. Thus the odds are not in favor of the trader. Placing one trade and expecting it to end up ‘in the money’ is not a nice profile and involves a lot of risk. A trader must purchase a second complementary trade of another option in the similar direction or purchase another option in the opposite direction or placing the connection between the two assets. Hence there are various ways to structure the trades so as to minimize the risk inherent in buying one binary option.

How-to-Trade-Binary-OptionsSigning up for the best binary option robots weekly report: A trader must sign up for binary option free weekly report as it consists of tested strategies, binary option broker reviews, hedging tips and all other aspects of binary options trading. A trader can grab the crucial knowledge to make a sure shot win in the market.

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